Looking for a Travelers Rest Home Inspector?

You've come to the right place.  As a Travelers Rest home inspector, we are quite familiar with this area of the Upstate.  There are lots of Travelers Rest home inspections being performed right now as the real estate market in that area of the upstate is booming.  There are a few new residential communities being developed in the TR area.  There's also plenty of older homes in TR, some dating back to the civil war era. As a Travelers Rest home inspector, we encounter houses that range from mobile homes to multi-millions dollar estates.  They are typically built on concrete slab or crawlspace foundations, although there are plenty of homes with basements in the area.  Many of these homes feature vinyl, hardboard or brick siding, and architectural shingles.  Metal roofs are also a popular option in the TR area.

Travelers Rest is located in Northern Greenville County, where highway 25 and 276 intersect.  It is a popular community to live in because it has a small town feel, while still being close to the amenities of a larger city.  Many folks who live in TR commute to Greenville for work.  Others own and operated businesses right in town.  The schools in TR have a good reputation, and for being a mostly small town, there's still plenty to do.  Furman University is just a couple of miles south on Highway 25.  Paris Mountain State Park is just a couple of miles southeast of town.  It's a great place to spend a day hiking, having a picnic or kayaking on the lake.  If you like to play golf, head to Green Valley or play the course at Furman.  Spending time on the Swamp Rabbit Trail is a popular activity in TR, and you can ride a bike on it all the way to downtown Greenville if you like.

We do quite a few Travelers Rest home inspections and we're in that part of the Upstate quite a bit.  We like spending time in downtown TR because of all the shops and restaurants.  There's also art galleries, a feed and seed store, a brewery, a distillery, an outdoor adventure store, and several bed and breakfast inns in the area.  From downtown TR, it's only about 15 minute drive to get to the mountains.  It's also a quick drive to get to Greenville to catch a ballgame or a performance at the Peace Center.

Travelers Rest has most of what you need in a small town - Walmart, banks, grocery stores, several fast food restaurant options and medical offices are all within a couple of miles of each other.  It also features a mostly close knit community, with plenty of civic and volunteer opportunities

What exactly do we do as a Travelers Rest Home Inspector?

Our job as a Travelers Rest home inspector is to conduct a visual inspection of the components of the home that include the following:

Roof System - including flashings, drainage, chimneys and plumbing stacks
Home Exterior - including porches, decks, retaining walls, stairs and steps, railings, driveways, sidewalks, exterior doors and windows
Structure - including the framing and foundation
Home Interior - including stairways, steps, railing, interior doors, appliances and cabinets
Plumbing System - including supply systems, drain systems, sinks, tubs, showers, fixtures, faucets, hot water heater and vent systems
Electrical System - including service drop, grounding system, receptacles, switches, fixtures, service panels, main disconnects, wiring and overcurrent protection devices
Heating and Cooling System - including fuel identification, age, size of units, location of air handler

When possible, we also like to look in the attic and the crawlspace. This gives us a more complete picture of how the house was constructed.

After our inspection is completed, we issue our report. The report includes details about the home and our findings regarding the components and systems. The report contains tons of information - things like the age of the HVAC system and if it is appropriately sized, the age of the water heater, building materials used, plumbing materials used, electrical component descriptions, etc... Our reports average 20-25 pages, depending on the issues we find, and include color photographs. Our reports are typically issued within 24 hours of completing the inspection and upon receipt of payment.

We conduct a Travelers Rest home inspection from an ethical, objective, unbiased perspective. We don't have a vested interest in the home or the possible pending real estate transaction. Our goal is to give our clients a clear picture of the condition of a home, so they can make a more informed financial decision.

We are often asked if our clients can be present during the inspection process, and the answer is YES! We love showing our clients the details of the home they want to buy. We'll walk you through how to change the furnace filter and show you where the fuse box is. We'll also show you how to shut off the water supply and help determine where the septic tank is located.

If you need a Travelers Rest home inspector, please give us a call - we'd love to help you learn more about the house you want to buy.