Our Rates

For the most part, our rates are determined by the size of the house we are inspecting.  Typically, larger homes take more time to inspect than smaller homes.  Also, these prices are all-inclusive - we don't add fees for older homes, crawlspaces, reports, travel, paying by credit card, etc... like some other companies do.  Reports are sent via email and are typically sent within 24 hours of the inspection, after we've received payment in full.  We accept credit and debit cards, Paypal, Venmo, Zelle and cash.

0-1499sq ft:  $275

1500-1999sq ft:  $300

2000-2499sq ft:  $325

2500-2999sq ft:  $350

3000-3499sq ft:  $375

3500-3999sq ft:  $400

4000sq ft and up: Call for price