Plumbing Inspection

Per the State Standards of Practice for a plumbing inspection, we visually inspect water supply and distribution systems, including fixtures and faucets.  We also visually inspect drain, waste and vent systems, water heating equipment and hot water supply systems, fuel distribution systems, sump pumps and related piping. 

In our report, we typically describe piping and vent materials, the water heating equipment and type of fuel used.  In addition, we also describe the location of the main water shut-off valve and fuel shut-off valve in the home.

The State Standards of Practice indicate that we are not required to inspect clothes washing machine connections, wells, well pumps and water storage related equipment.  We also don’t inspect the interior of vent systems flues and chimneys that are not readily accessible.  In addition, we aren’t required to inspect water softeners or other water conditioning systems, solar or geothermal water heating systems, landscape irrigation systems, fire sprinkler systems and septic or sewage disposal systems. Furthermore, we aren’t required to measure water supply pressure or determine the quality of the water supply.