Looking for a Pickens County Home Inspector?

We've got you covered.  As a  Pickens County home inspector,  we're in that area of the upstate a fair bit and are familiar with the area.  In fact, we spend time every summer camping up at Mile Creek on Lake Keowee.  Pickens County is considered a fairly rural county, but it does include the larger towns of Pickens, Easley, Liberty and Clemson.  The north end of Pickens County is mountainous, while the southern end is more rolling hills.  The west side of the county is made up of the eastern shore of Lake Keowee, while the north side shares a border with North Carolina.  The major highways that intersect Pickens County include highway 178 and highway 123. 

Lots of residents of Pickens County commute to work in Greenville and Anderson, but there are plenty of employment opportunities within the county.  Some of the larger employers in the area include Reliable Automatic Sprinkler, Milliken, Yokohama, Prisma and Abbot.  Most folks in Pickens County have family that have lived in the area for generations.  Much of the area has historically been agricultural, but new residential and commercial developments have been constructed in the last few decades.

There are plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation in Pickens County.  Hunting is popular in the area, as is fishing, camping, hiking and boating.  Lakes Keowee and Jocassee offer hundreds of miles of shoreline and plenty of parks and boat landings.  If golf is your sport, check out the courses at The Rock or the Pickens County Country Club.  If you want some challenging and scenic hiking, head to the Jocassee Gorges Wilderness Area.  If you like waterfalls, Pickens County has plenty of them, including Hawkins Falls, Twin Falls and Laurel Fork Falls.  You can spend a relaxing afternoon wandering around the campus at Clemson University.  If indoor activities are more your speed, there are plenty of shops and restaurants in the area, along with theatres, bowling alleys, malls, etc...

A good number of Pickens County home inspections are being done right now as the real estate market is doing well.  There are lots of new subdivisions being developed, especially in the area around Easley.  There are also lots of older homes in more established neighborhoods and rural areas.  Some homes in Pickens County were built before the civil war.  As a Pickens County home inspector, we encounter everything from mobile homes to multi-million dollar estates, farms, lake homes, and just about everything in between. There are some private communities on Lake Keowee that offer homes in 3-4 million range. Many of the homes on the lake feature walk-out basements, but slab and crawlspace foundations are more common in the other parts of the county.  Many folks enjoy living out in the rural parts of Pickens County because you have the opportunity to own more land for lower prices, although some of that land has been sold off in recent years for residential and commercial development.

If you need a Pickens County home inspector, please give us a call - we'd love to help you learn more about the house you want to buy.