Interior Inspection

Per the State Standards of Practice for interior inspections, we visually inspect walls, ceilings and floors.  We look at stairways, steps and railings, and garage vehicle doors and their associated operators.  We visually inspect installed ovens, ranges, microwave ovens, surface cooking appliances, dishwashers and food waste grinders and  utilize normal operating controls to activate their primary function.  We also inspect installed countertops and a representative number of installed cabinets.  Furthermore, we inspect a representative number of doors and windows and report our findings.

The State Standards of Practice indicate that we are not required to inspect wallpaper, paint or other interior finish treatments, floor coverings, window treatments or hermetic seals between panes of window glass.  We also are not required to inspect or operate central vacuum systems, other kitchen or laundry appliances, or recreational facilities like saunas, indoor pools, etc…  Furthermore, we are not required to inspect appliance thermostats, adequacy or calibration of heating elements, self-cleaning oven cycles, indicator lights, door seals, timers, clocks and other specialized features of an inspected appliance.  We are not required to operate or confirm the operation of every control and feature of an inspected appliance.