Fuel Burning Appliance and Fireplace Inspection

Per the State Standards of Practice for fireplace inspection and fuel burning appliance inspections, we visually inspect fuel-burning fireplaces, stoves and fireplace inserts, along with fuel-burning accessories installed in fireplaces.  We also inspect chimney and vent systems and describe them in our report.

The State Standards of Practice indicate we are not required to inspect the interiors of vents, flues or chimneys that aren’t readily accessible.  We also aren’t required to inspect fire screens, doors, seals, gaskets, automatic fuel feed devices, mantles and fireplace surrounds.  Furthermore, we aren’t required to inspect combustion air components or determine their adequacy.  We also are not required to inspect heat distribution assist components or systems, move fireplace inserts or stoves or the contents of fireboxes, determine draft characteristics or inspect fuel burning fireplaces and appliances located outside the inspected structure.