Looking for an Anderson County Home Inspector?

We've got you covered.  As an Anderson County home inspector, we're familiar with that area of the upstate.  The county itself covers a wide swath of land that stretches from near Greenville in the northeast corner all the way to the Georgia state line in the west.  The city of Anderson is the county seat and is located near the center of the county.  I-85 runs through Anderson County and is a convenient way to get to Atlanta, GA.  In addition to the city of Anderson, other quaint towns like Belton, Williamston, Pendleton and Honea Path are scattered throughout the county.  If you head to the southwest portion of the county, you'll find Starr and Iva, both of which offer opportunities to own larger chunks of land for reasonable prices.

Anderson County features a good school system and plenty of outdoor recreation options.  Lake Hartwell is an important feature in the area.  The 56,000 acre lake, managed by the Army Corp of Engineers, sits on the SC/GA border and provides tons of opportunities for fishing, boating, sailing, swimming, hiking, camping, etc... It has hosted the Bassmaster fishing tournament a couple of times.  There are tons of homes and residential communities on the lake, ranging from mobile homes to multi-million dollar estates.  In addition, there are lots of other areas in Anderson County that offer great home ownership opportunities, both new and existing.  Whether you a looking for a farm or townhome in the city or anything in between, you can find it in Anderson County.

Anderson County is home to Anderson University.  It also features a small airport and several county and state parks.  Anderson County is mostly fairly rural, but big box stores, restaurants, shops, etc... are only a short drive away in most cases.  If you like to play golf, there are several options including Pine Lake, Boscobel, Southern Oaks, Saluda Valley, Stone Creek Cove and Cobbs Glen.  

As an Anderson County home inspector, we've seen plenty of both new and older homes in the area.  Most of these homes are built on slab or crawlspace foundations, although quite a few homes on the lake have walk-out basements.  Several new home developments are found throughout Anderson County, but there are also a ton of older homes in more established neighborhoods and subdivisions.  There are even some homes in the area that were built pre-Civil War.  

If you're looking for an Anderson County home inspector, please give us a call - we'd love to help you learn more about the house you want to buy.